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We asked some of our clients to explain the difference premium staff make to running and growing their business.

Drew Sanocki is a sought after growth advisor and consultant in the Ecommerce sector. He is the founding partner of Empire Growth Group and blogs at His marketing automation and customer segmentation rules drive over $100 million in transactions annually.

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Corgibytes is a boutique software consultancy, focusing exclusively on modernizing codebases, championing the idea of “software remodeling” as a way to save money over performing a complete re-write. Founders Andrea and Scott hired virtual assistants to free up their time so that they could focus on developing their business.

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Leo Melendez is a former F/A-18 Fighter Pilot who now applies the same discipline and determination to help businesses improve their productivity. Leo hired a Worldwide101 virtual assistant to manage projects and later to develop content, manage social media, and provide backup and continuity for the rest of his team when Leo is travelling to work with clients.

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